Thursday, 17 August 2017

1st Basketball Inter-School League

BIPA Basketball India Players Association in association with HTC Sports Pvt. Ltd. is organizing the 1st BIPA inter-school League which is the first of its kind giving opportunity to more than 12000 players to showcase their talent on various levels.

The aim behind this brainchild of ‘Sports Guru’ Hemanshu Chaturvedi is to give impetus to Basketball in India.

This league aims to achieve and successfully conceive bigger, better and more popular events so that players benefit the most.

BIPA and HTC SPORTS PVT LTD are based upon the foundation of enhancing value, worthiness and recognition to players within the society.

The league empowers young talent to pursue Basketball as a career and to encourage parents to support their children in pursuing Basketball as a recognized profession.


Coordinator Event and Operations. 

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