Thursday, 24 August 2017


Basketball is growing to be a popular sport in India.
With the uproar of football and cricket being a religion in India since the beginning of time, Basketball needs a platform to be built upon.

A growing number of youngsters are becoming familiar to a sport which exhibits creativity, desire and sheer brilliance of NBA stars such as Stephen Curry, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Yao Ming.

The popularity of basketball has been steadily rising over the last few years in India. With players like Satnam Singh, Amrit Pal Singh and Vishesh Bhriguvanshi making waves in the international circuit, Indian Basketball looks to achieve new heights in the near future.

But has the sport reached the grass roots yet? What can be done to increase the popularity of basketball in the fringes? Why isn't the global sport a part of this much 'globalised India'? When can we all stand up together and cheer for a 20 year old boy playing at the highest level?

The answer to these blatant questions lie somehow in the concept of the 1st BIPA inter school basketball league conceived and organized by HTC SPORTS PVT LTD.

A concept different from the ordinary, aims to provide an opportunity to 12000 school students at the grass root level in 16 cities across India.

An opportunity created on a large scale, HTC SPORTS looks to improvise the sporting needs of the many talented, young basketball players scattered all over the country.

The second most popular sport in the world, Basketball needs a foundation upon which an empire of future legends can be built. It all starts at the grassroots where a young prodigy is taken into a professional setup and carved into one of the finest of individuals.

Basketball is a platform that brings young people together in constructive ways- so creating live experiences with engaged youth is attractive for companies looking to integrate their products and services. They are the future of the country, and everyone wants to speak to them. Basketball is the perfect language.

With 350+ schools already registered and prepared to battle, 1st BIPA(Basket India Players Association) Inter School Basketball League promises to solve an unanswered question raised by the people in our country, ‘ When will an Indian play in the NBA’?
- Lokmanyu Chaturvedi

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