Saturday, 28 October 2017

The Onset of the Country’s biggest Youth Basketball League - Day 1 | Dehradun

In a significant leap to help catapult the crippled condition of Sports in our country, HTC-Sports in collaboration with BIPA (Basketball Indian Players Association) launched the 1stBIPA Interschool Basketball league in the charming city of Dehradun on the 26th of October 2017. The league will span across 16 cities, which will eventually consummate in the end with a set of national winners in categories of both U-14 and U-17 for both boys and girls. The league could not have kicked-off at a better destination other than the Doon Valley of Dehradun which nestles at the foothills of the Himalayas banked on either side by the Ganges and the Yamuna rivers.

There were a total of three matches played on the first day; one in the U-14 bracket, the other two in the U-17 category.


St. George’s College (Mussoorie)  Vs  Jaswant Modern School

The first match in the U-14 category was held between St. George’s College (Mussoorie) and Jaswant ModernSchool. The final score was 25 – 11, favoring St. George’s. The initial two quarters the St. George’s held a firm grasp on the flow not allowing their opponents to score. When finally the lads from Jaswant Modern School did open their score card, it was a commendable effort but unfortunately not enough.

The score layout was:

First Quarter: 02-00
Second Quarter: 04-00
Third Quarter: 03-05
Fourth Quarter: 14-05
Aditya from St. George’s College was the decided man of the match claiming 13 points for his team.


St. George’s College (Mussoorie)  Vs  Doon International School

The first match in the U-17 category was played between St. George’s College (Mussoorie) and Doon International School. The final score in the match was 23-30, favoring Doon International School. Doon from the onset came out very strongly, bagging 15 points, while keeping their opponents at bay with 4 points. After surmounting this lead and building pressure upon it in each quarter, St. George’s simply could not overcome the deficit.

The point layout was:

First Quarter: 04-15
Second Quarter: 06-04
Third Quarter: 07-02
Fourth Quarter: 06-09
Ishaan from Doon International School was ranked as the man of the match bagging 15 points out of a total 30 his team scored.


Jaswant Modern School  Vs  Doon International (Riverside Campus)

The second match of the U-17 category was pitted between the schools of Jaswant Modern against Doon International (Riverside Campus). The final tally was 17-37, favoring Doon International (Riverside Campus). What started as an evenly contested match soon turned into a one-sided affair. Though the first quarter was a nearly a tied contest, what followed after was a consistent performance by the victors.

The score layout was:

First Quarter: 06-09
Second Quarter: 03-07
Third Quarter: 02-11
Fourth Quarter: 04-08
Arim from Doon International (Riverside Campus) was the undisputed man of the match with a personal point tally of 22 points.

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