Monday, 30 October 2017

BIPA Inter-School Basketball League - Day 2 | Dehradun

On the second day of the 1st BIPA Inter-School Basketball League in the enchanting city of Dehradun the matches ensued. There were two matches conducted on the day; both in the Under-17 category. After sensational performances by schools on the first day, the competition surely had standards to live up to and it sure did.

Under-17 Boys

GRD Academy   Vs  Jaswant Modern School

In the second game of the day, GRD Academy went up against Jaswant Modern School. GRD Academy came into the match as debutants while their opponents, Jaswant Modern School were beaten by Doon International (Riverside) in their previous match and were looking to set their loss aside and start afresh.

Unlike the previous match, this match delivered all the enticing bits a game could muster and till the end it was a neck-and-neck competition. In the end, however, GRD Academy clenched the winner by having a margin of 2 points ahead of their opponents. The match ended at 34-36 in favor of GRD Academy. 

The score layout was as follows:

First Quarter:  08-13
Second Quarter: 12-08
Third Quarter: 04-08
Fourth Quarter: 10-07
Satvik of GRD Academy was declared the man of the match by scoring 17 points for his team.

Welham Boys’ School  Vs  Doon International (Riverside)

Coming into their second game of the tournament at the back of a win was an ideal position for Doon International (Riverside) in this fixture, while their opponents Welham Boys’ were by reputation a formidable team but were making their debut in the league. An awaited game reckoned to be an enticingly competitive match.

The game however was a breathtaking display by one team dominating the other – Doon International were completely undone by Welham Boys’ in what was simply a knockout 70-23 in favor of Welham Boys’.

The score panned out as follows:

First Quarter: 17-0
Second Quarter: 11-04
Third Quarter: 22-10
Fourth Quarter: 14-09

Sheakh of Welham Boys’ School was the decisive man of the match looping in an astonishing 25 points for his team.


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